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An exclusive offer to Janet Switzer’s community for the first 50 consultants only…

Finally... the Consulting “Profit Formula” That Helps You Easily Sign-Up Quality Business Clients, Then Focus Your Time on Solving What They Say Is Their #1 Challenge...
Profits and Cash-Flow.

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    An opportunity for a select group of savvy consultants to become income-generation specialists for small businesses... helping them establish revenue systems that bring in the cash (and earning as much as $1,000 per hour for your advice).

Dear Consultant,

Starting this month, international business authority Janet Switzer will personally go to work helping a select group of independent consultants recruit many more clients than they have right now… get paid monthly retainers of $2,000 to $3,000 each (for just a few hours of advice)…and differentiate themselves from thousands of other consultants as a unique income-generation specialist in their local market or chosen industry.

Will one of these select consultants be you?

If you are, you’ll join Janet Switzer and her team in her latest global venture, where she’ll develop the next generation of profit advisors for businesses—delivering a revenue-focused service that virtually every business owner wants...and desperately needs.

Why is Janet launching this network—and why is she extending an invitation to you?

For some time, Janet’s readers who are consultants have asked if they could use the strategies in her #1 bestselling book, Instant Income, to find more clients—then systematically help those clients bring in more cash-flow. 

The answer is “yes”—and because Janet has already spoken with you and knows you to be a knowledgeable businessperson who understands the needs of small businesses, Janet is offering to give you and other select consultants the system that you, collectively, have told Janet you want and need. It's a system that:

  • Helps you get more clients in way that educates them on your value and actually "pre-sells" them before they ever contact you

  • Gives you an easy-to-follow approach that will standardize the service you provide to clients (meaning less custom work and never a crisis deadline)

  • Provides a way to grow your consulting business and earn monthly retainers from every client—alleviating your own cash-flow problems and eliminating the “feast or famine” experience of most consultants

  • Keeps you focused on your consulting business, rather than wondering about the newest gimmick, mastermind offer or home-study course from the latest marketing "guru"

  • Provides strategists you can talk to—instead of a home-study course that leaves you to implement on your own

These are the same resources that hundreds of consultants have told Janet and her team over the years they want and need.

And now we’re delighted to announce the launch of a global network of business consultants—a new and exciting venture based on 25 years of Janet’s proven income systems, revenue-generation strategies and business-building tactics—that will not only deliver resources to independent consultants, but also give Janet the opportunity to work directly with those who make cash-flow and income-generation the focus of their consulting work.

Of course, profits and cash-flow are what business owners say they want in this economy.  And offering this uniquely focused service will make you different from every other consultant in your local or vertical market.

How important will that be to you as a consultant? Well, considering that the U.S. consulting industry generated more than $115 billion in revenues in 2012 alone…and considering that it’s the 4th highest paid profession (according to Forbes)…and considering that more and more businesspeople are moving from the corporate sector into consulting (making it one of the fastest-growing professions today)—wouldn’t a system that gives you an edge in this highly competitive, highly paid and high-growth field be something of interest to you?

Not only that, but countless news stories have already reported on this exciting trend: That small- to medium-size companies are hiring outside contractors over salaried employees in record numbers, due to the escalating cost of bringing on full-time management level employees.

The market is big…it’s growing… and it needs YOU.

If you're an independent business consultant, and you need a better way to get new clients... or a way to deliver consulting advice that gets results... or a definitive process for managing the client relationship...

This new consulting approach should be of interest to you.

For the first time ever, Janet Switzer and her team will provide everything you need to…

  • Recruit and sign clients to one-year consulting engagements that pay $24,000 each (or higher).

  • Confidently work with clients in a structured format, helping them establish income-generation systems in their business based upon proven marketing, sales, media, joint venture, Internet and new business development methods.

  • Conduct meetings with your client and their key staff once a month—training them in one new income-generation system, then facilitating an implementation plan to establish that system.

  • Re-enroll clients into lucrative, easy-to-deliver contracts year after year as they grow.

Are you interested?   If so, you should act quickly since Janet is planning to work with only a small group of consultants initially.  (Reserve your spot as one of these select “profit advisors”.)

Why Has Janet Switzer Decided to Work on Building YOUR Consulting Business Practice In Addition to Managing Her Own?

As you're probably aware, Janet has been the income-generation strategist to many of the world’s top celebrity entrepreneurs for nearly 25 years. Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul…Jay Abraham, underground marketing guru…Les Brown, leading motivational speaker…plus top business authors like David Bach (The Automatic Millionaire), Mark Victor Hansen (Cracking the Millionaire Code), Lori Beth Jones (Jesus in Blue Jeans), Dr. Roger Callahan (originator of tapping therapy), Roxanne Emmerich (Thank God It’s Monday!)…have all been her high profile clients.

Janet could easily continue bringing in new clients to her agency, write more of her own New York Times bestsellers, speak worldwide at business conferences, and spend her days working in the background with just a handful of top-tier experts.

But a recent phenomenon convinced her that “staying in the background” isn’t what the market needs today.

When Janet released her bestselling book, Instant Income, she introduced business readers (many for the first time) to 35 powerful strategies virtually any business owner or innovative employee could use to bring in emergency cash-flow.  The comments and accolades that book received proved to Janet that—despite an entire generation of “business gurus” who had self-published books and taught courses for more than 30 years—there were still millions of business owners worldwide who had never been exposed to powerful income-generation strategies.

When Instant Income was released globally from McGraw-Hill Publishers—even becoming distributed in such remote places as Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Dezhou, China—businesses finally began to see a better way to solve their #1 problem…profits and cash-flow.

But can I tell you a secret?

Janet quickly discovered that more and more Instant Income readers were using the book's strategies to make cash on a random, emergency basis—rather than establishing fixed systems that predictably make cash-flow year-round.  Readers were opting for quick cash-flow versus reliable profits, even though these systems—such as lead-generation, Internet promotion, new-business development, even cash-flow generating staff—are the basic underpinnings of any revenue-centered business.

To counteract this trend, Janet quickly put in writing her advanced “systems” approach—creating a 320-page manual, annual cash-flow calendar, advertising and marketing archive, and other step-by-step resources. And since its completion, countless business owners have asked Janet, "Who can help put these Instant Income systems and initiatives in place in my business?"

Today, I'm asking if that "who" could be YOU.

Through a unique network Janet is forming of consultants in cities around the world, she will finally be able to help the millions of businesses she would never be able to work with personally.

Using the detailed tutorials, worksheets, client assessment tools, presentation materials, cash-flow calendars, staff hiring scripts, advertising archives and other materials she’s amassed over the past 25 years, Janet has documented a client-relationship formula that any smart consultant, marketing firm, ad agency, PR firm, former small-business executive, top salesperson or other businessperson can use to become a well-paid, well-respected "Instant Income"-style advisor.

This is not life coaching, success training, goal-setting or any of the other "mindset"-oriented help available to entrepreneurs... but a documented month-by-month formula for transforming a small business into a cash-flow machine.

And only 50 consultants will be accepted initially.

As an Instant Income-style profit advisor, you’ll be offering a logical, implementable, actionable plan for establishing new streams of revenue for your clients—spending an entire year helping transform the business from the inside out. (You can even “overlay” this formula onto the management consulting, business planning or financial advice you’re already providing to small-business clients.)

Janet’s materials (and the comprehensive training she has planned for you) are all designed to insure your clients get great results—by prescribing rarely understood strategies, methods and “guerilla” tactics that refocus the entire company on improving cash-flow, enhancing the customer experience, taking better care of past buyers, using a consultative sales approach, and installing (perhaps for the first time) “critical drivers” that every employee can follow to insure their area of responsibility contributes to the overall profits and growth of the business.

Janet will even give you powerful marketing campaigns that will posture you as the cash-flow specialist that area businesses are looking for—campaigns that will make you stand out like a beacon of hope in the tough and competitive consulting field (and compel businesses to eagerly call to work with you).

She won't be opening this opportunity to the general consulting market for a few more months. Instead, she’s assembling her own group of loyal readers and will work with you personally to insure your success.  (Later consultants will not be offered Janet’s personal oversight in building their business.)

Are you interested? If so, click below to read more about this opportunity. And while you'll pay a modest fee to work with Janet in becoming a cash-flow consultant, the cost she has in mind will be affordable and manageable for you.


Dwain Jeworski

Chief Executive Officer